Sunday, May 8, 2011


So we went to Cavite yesterday and I forgot about my phone all morning because as everyone in my family knows, Auntie Lik doesn't hold anything back with her cuisine when we're there. :) However, when I finally remembered Georges (Yes, my current phone is named after gorgeous Georges St-Pierre, though a lot of times I wish I named him Cas after Supernatural's Castiel), there were eleven unread messages, and half of them were about the same topic.

Max: One game closer to one thousand pesos. ;)

Lawi: ZOMG

Ian: 0-3! woot woot!

Gboi: Nic, 0-3 na Mavs. x2ha panalo na cla nyan.

Mark: Dana. 0-3 na!

Jeff: I don't freakin believe it.


So it's 0-3 now, and though I'm as astounded as everyone else that Dallas looks like they're actually gonna be able to pull this off, I'm still not counting the Lakers out.

First, no NBA team has ever gotten out of a 0-3 rut, true, but if there's a team that would be the first one to do so, the Lakers are on top of my list. Whatever happens, they have Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant, and those two are capable of doing the most impossible things on earth because they're that GREAT. In defense of LA's last loss, they didn't have two of their big men - Ron Artest, who was suspended for whacking poor little JJ Barrea in Game 2, and Pau Gasol, who seems to currently be having an out of the body (or out of the mind) experience.

Second, Dallas does have that annoying habit of blowing off big-lead games. No one needs further examples.

Still, I won't be complaining if the Mas end up winning. :)

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