Friday, April 20, 2012

Oh yes.

Gurl tell me about it. His version of ‘That’s All’ has been the only song I’ve listened to since Monday, and every time it gets to that line where he drawls ‘Taking it all instead of taking one bite’, I have to either swallow or bite my lip or the inside of my cheeks or something because I literally get chills up my spine and some other places that I deign to mention here.

He’s like Rob Thomas but even smexier, and I don’t even like guys with guitars!

It’s sad though that what he has going on is this ‘I be chilling’ thing and so every time his performances need him to show vulnerability (case in point, Somebody I Used to Know), he just ends up clutching his chest and doing this inward cringe thing with his shoulders, which just… well, so sorry that I have to grimace.

But Phillip Phillips, please do send me a ticket to California so I can throw myself on you already.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And Migs makes four

Miguel Tirona is an interesting person, to say the least. Was an Atenean in high school and a Maroon in college; acts like both. Highlights articles in Time Magazine and talks about Yasunari Kawabata with reverence, but follows suit when she babbles about MMA or Dota. Talks about inches and thrusts and penetrations in his free time, but on sexually-charged scenes of a slightly-more-graphic-than expected movie that he manages to make them watch, merely shakes his head and remarks “That’s so unnecessary.”

The news that he handed in his resignation a day before their credit training slash reunion is unexpected but not surprising. After all, Tirona never seemed like the kind of person who could be contained – guy follows his gut more than he does his head. (She would say ‘follows his heart’ but that would be too soppy.)

She jokes to him about it, quips how Dom adequately put it. “Si Migs naman parang may ADHD.” Quit BAA for BA, quit law school for Unilever, quit Unilever for BDO, and now quitting BDO for God knows what.

He just grins. And says “You gotta chase your happiness.”

He says it the way Miguel Tirona usually does, offhand and somewhat cocky, but she does not need to hear conviction to know that he means what he says. She envies him for this courage, wonders when she would find her own. She tells him that honestly, she doesn’t even know what she’s doing in banking, for all her hatred of Math.

Migs laughs, and she realizes that while she isn’t exactly grieving about his going, there is a part of her that will be sad because a friend is leaving. She is happy for him though, because she knows he will be a step closer to whatever he really wants to be.

And in the end, she just wishes that he finds his happiness. And that someday, she finds hers too.

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