Sunday, May 20, 2012

Again with the random thoughts.

1. Rice, you are a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful thing and I miss eating you on a daily basis. Someday I will get my lazy ass up and work out so I don’t have to skip on eating you and not gain those bwisit pounds as well. (Oh Rex Dizon you saw this coming, didn’t you.) But for now I have to stay with the veggies.

2. Funny how last Friday I had like six people texting me about AI results almost simultaneously. (The last time mass texting on a single topic happened was last year when mi lovely Mavs swept Team Kobe.) And the first three were like this:

My sister: Jessica is in. Josh is out.
My boss’ secretary: BFF, Jessica is in Phillip is out!
My friend Kaye Conde: Jessica is in!

And I was literally dying because these guys were all in Team J and I wanted to scream “I don’t care about Jessica Sanchez tell me what really happened to Phillip!” Thankfully it turned out that BFF was messing up with me. I don’t have anything against Jessica, but I can’t be blamed for liking Phillip over her the same way you can’t blame someone for liking blue over pink or sinigang over adobo, can I? I appreciate Phillip’s music, I don’t feel the same about Jessica’s. That’s just it.

3. I am embarrassed to admit this, but I cried during the finale of this season’s The Vampire Diaries (heck, I am embarrassed to admit that I watch this crap). And no, it wasn’t in any of the scenes featuring the Damon-Elena-Stefan triangle (Honestly it’s what makes the show crap. Too bad they’re the main characters) or because Klaus pseudo-died, but… wait for it… the Original Siblings scenes!

When Elijah was trying to make a deal with the Scooby Gang to get Klaus’ body and Stefan asked why Elijah wanted Klaus back when all Klaus ever did was dagger them and lock them up in coffins, Elijah said “He is my brother. We remain together.” And I was like

And then during the scene when Elijah told Rebekah that "He's gone, Elijah. And I couldn't do anything to stop it!"and then Elijah embraced his sister and they cried,

I was like

Klaus you are sooo lucky because Elijah and Bex (and probably Kol too) love you so much even though all you do is threaten to dagger them and cart them around in coffins.

Gawd I am such a sucker for sibling looooooooove.

4. Speaking of loooooooooove, last Friday Dr. Saldana’s computer messed up a little so when he typed in ‘capital’ he got too many a’s so the screen ended up projecting ‘capitaaaaaal’. My seatmate Kevin Jazmines laughed and said it was like girl talk with the vowels-stretching to elongate words like waaaaaaaaaah or omygaaaaaaaad. And when I think about it, he’s right. I mean, I’m sooooo guilty of that. But why is it that only girls seem to do that? I can’t think of a guy I’ve texted or chatted with who did or does that.

5. I recently heard David Archuleta’s version of Forevermore, and I was like, swoon. I never liked the original version of the song, but here comes Archiebaby singing it and tada! It’s suddenly beautiful. I could have colonial mentality or I just really like Archuleta.

Praying it’s the latter.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Okay, so I might not even be an average Dota player (go ask Archer), but I do my homework about the game whether it’s by asking or watching commentaries or reading forums, so generally I can hold a decent conversation with more committed players. And so last Friday I was talking to my classmates Chris and Deni about Dota stuff.

I forgot what we were talking about before it happened, but I remember Chris saying that Bone Clinkz is the ultimate killer (and because I learn Dota from pro games I have a technical approach – by killer did he mean Carry or just pub game Holy Shit?), and I babbled about getting Eul’s when there’s a Tide because Cyclone is cast instantly while Ravage is not.

And then Deni blurted out something like, “Pag naka-ulti na siya, gang bang na.”

Now any bashfulness about green stuff has been erased by my time in UP, but I was amused because I thought he just had to say that instead of settling for the usual term ‘team fight’. So I bit into a what-a-term smile and said “Dude, gang bang naman.”

Chris laughed at my reaction. I don’t know if he was trying to be understanding or if he was trying to make an excuse, but he said “Haha, babae kase.” Deni, on the otherhand, got all flushed and you could hear the mortification in his voice as he explained that in contrast with team fight, gang bang is a strat where basically the whole team gangs up on one enemy hero. He turned to Chris for help, saying “Di ba GB, GB?” and Chris backed him up.

The thing that baffles me is that after playing Dota regularly for a year, constantly reading about it and watching over a hundred replays, I have never seen the term GB used ingame, unlike the related term ‘rape’ which is used all too often. Then again, maybe I don’t know it because the only thing Lawi ever calls for is a push.

In my opinion though, GB doesn’t make sense, unless it’s the carry or solo mid that you’re trying to kill. It’s inefficient as gold and XP are split, and risky since you give up lane control. But in pro games, four guys in a lane against a solo hero rarely happens because when three guys go missing, the captain (at least the prudent ones) sends a warning, and the team either pulls back or supports rush to the carry to make sure he’s not ambushed. Usually it ends up with everybody going into the fray so in the end what you have is not a GB a team fight.

Hmmm, maybe GB is a Filipino term more than a universal term, the way bottle-crow is supposedly a Filipino strat more than a universal strat.

Ah, Dota jargon. One of the reasons why I like this game so much.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happiness is a Black Leather Jacket

Written because I desperately need more happy thoughts lately, what with the Mavs sucking big time, Julie Plec getting nothing right about Klaroline, me thinking about being practical and foregoing ZSMJ till December, and most of all, the finance training I’m attending zapping every ounce of happiness in me.

God, I don’t know why I went into banking when I hate math this much.

Oh, I remember now, it was about the money.


So basically, happiness is a black leather jacket and the godly gamer who wears it. :)

I honestly had no idea that this was going on. I was just on my weekly peek at when I saw this pic and I was like oh cool, this player has a leather jacket on while Dota 2-ing away. And then I was like, gasp! Is that V-God?

So I checked out M5’s team roster and weeeeeeeee, Vigoss is officially in it! :)

I guess he’s a late addition to the team because I distinctly remember that when PGG’s DTS broke up and PGG was recruited by M5, the first team he fielded didn’t include Vigoss. I remember that because I was sad for a while, not knowing when or if I would even watch him play again.

Good news is that Vigoss is definitely playing once more, and this time he’s actually playing like his old self. Translation, he’s pwning, bitches. Granted, he uses Night Stalker and not Lina, but I am too ecstatic about his comeback to care.

Vigoss, please stay longer this time and please please please use Lina again.


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