Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happiness is a Black Leather Jacket

Written because I desperately need more happy thoughts lately, what with the Mavs sucking big time, Julie Plec getting nothing right about Klaroline, me thinking about being practical and foregoing ZSMJ till December, and most of all, the finance training I’m attending zapping every ounce of happiness in me.

God, I don’t know why I went into banking when I hate math this much.

Oh, I remember now, it was about the money.


So basically, happiness is a black leather jacket and the godly gamer who wears it. :)

I honestly had no idea that this was going on. I was just on my weekly peek at gg.net when I saw this pic and I was like oh cool, this player has a leather jacket on while Dota 2-ing away. And then I was like, gasp! Is that V-God?

So I checked out M5’s team roster and weeeeeeeee, Vigoss is officially in it! :)

I guess he’s a late addition to the team because I distinctly remember that when PGG’s DTS broke up and PGG was recruited by M5, the first team he fielded didn’t include Vigoss. I remember that because I was sad for a while, not knowing when or if I would even watch him play again.

Good news is that Vigoss is definitely playing once more, and this time he’s actually playing like his old self. Translation, he’s pwning, bitches. Granted, he uses Night Stalker and not Lina, but I am too ecstatic about his comeback to care.

Vigoss, please stay longer this time and please please please use Lina again.


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