Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some days it sucks to be me

Some days I lose my phone. The last time it happened, I lost the phone I loved the most out of all the phones I have ever and currently own, to people who hijack jeepneys at 7.30 in the morning and happen to be pro at what they do, unlike the noobs at the SM North jeep route.

Some days I fail my exams. And I just feel so sad and disappointed and frustrated because I studied for them in a way that I have never done before, not in UP nor BPI. I memorized every single thing. But the questions were not on the material I studied.

Some days I get told that my classmates are intimidated by me because I seem so smart daw. And it feels so bad to know that people think you’re smart because the humiliation will be unbearable when they discover that I might actually fail this.

Some days I find myself alone in a coffee shop with a pile of notes on my lap waiting to be memorized. I feel so crappy that despite merely fifty pesos worth of load, I text two dozen people about how much I miss them. And how free I was when I was with them.

Some days I wonder if I’ll still have this job next month. I have to. Everything is on the line.

Some days it sucks to be me.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


This has been long overdue, but I would like to thank my friend Joseph (oh yes I remembered your real name! ^_^) for uploading the patches and maps I needed for my .48 era DotA marathon during the holidays. I started playing at late .68 so the DotA I know now is sooo different from the DotA back then. (I remember Kuya Dawn saying that this was the version he played, hmmmm.)

Click images to zoom. 

 Bases looked different dahil unti pa ang taverns and the shops didn't have kick-ass names yet. 

Um these things I do not know what to make of - those arrows sa taas ng heroes, yung ridge from sentinel base going to mid lane at yung giant ewan arc sa mid entrance ng scourge. I'm just glad natanggal ang mga yan along the way.

Shops at top and bot lanes used to be this shop called Sagarel the Evil. I say I like the current shops better.

Walang option to always show health bars! Does that mean before you last-hit/kill you have to click on your opponent first to see kung last-hitabble or killable na siya?

Buti nalang din naisip ni ice-frog na lagyan ng merit ang assists (I mean, unfair that only the killer gets gold and XP when other team mates helped out) at tanggalin yung blahblah the blahblah has fallen. It's annoying.

Also, item remakes! I'm torn whether I like bote now or bote before better, but I'm certain that I like Aghanim's before than Aghanim's now. I forgot which replay I watched it from so no screencap but I remember that it gave something like +500 hp, +500 mana and +30 int. Imba!


So this is gonna be my last DotA post for a long time because even though I like this game a lot, 2011 was a catastrophic year for the sport, what with legendary teams disbanding, legendary players retiring and the introduction of DotA 2 dividing the players - Europeans generally jumped ship to DotA 2 so now only the Asians are active.

It makes me really sad because there are a lot of European teams I like a lot, so I've decided to take a break from following the sport while the dust settles. Hopefully after a few months there will be new teams, old-hand comebacks and a reinvigorated passion for the only e-sport I follow. :)

Of course, even though the DotA fangirl in me has been through so many game-related heartbreaks lately, there are still a few things that manage to make me smile. Among these is a replay of... who else? :)

See how only one player has picked a hero at this mark? He knows exactly who he wants to get. :)

Team mates wanna swap, does he take it or not?

He sticks to Lina and goes off to pwn! At mababaw ang aking kaligayahan. :)

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