Sunday, November 25, 2012

i have the right

I'm a girl. I think I have the right to fangirl over stuff. So here goes.

OMYGAAAAAD Niklaus Mikaelson why are you so PERFEEEEECT! I can't believe that I'm actually watching one of the most unbearably unbearable TV shows in the history of mankind (and probably the dinosaurs too) just for you!

Friday, November 23, 2012

you give me miles and miles of mountains

soft, gentle, feather-lithe.
slow, languid, deliberate.
tease. taste. take.

hungry needy greedy
heat urgency strength -


and unto you
I fall

Rise. Fall. Silence.

you give me miles and miles of mountains
and i'll ask for the sea

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ruat Caelum

Tonight she made the heavens fall
By telling you that she wants this,
Telling you to tell her that you want this,
You want this, dammit, you -

And the floods came
The people,
The words,
Too many,
Too much,
Just a little too much.

But they're all fleeting, all of them
Nothing is etched to permanence
She looks at her palms
And she does not see more marks.
Then again she doesn't know
What permanence is anymore
Even those with the mark
Have kept their silence -
More than once,
More than they spoke.
It just saddens her to see
That the ones she expected
Were the ones who were not there.

She will rest before the sun sets
And in the evening will plow again
Tonight is a gem among stones
Not every night will be like this
But she will try
She will try

Saturday, November 17, 2012


You know, Jin used to quote Click Five songs.

Now Pinky is quoting Catullus' Liber.

Damn. It's not just my writing that's improved by leaps and bounds.

My tastes have, too.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I look at the girl in the ticket booth and she looks back at me, waiting for what I’m going to say.

Of course I know that I look like a total idiot just staring at her so I open my mouth to say something but the word – oh, the short, simple two syllable repetitive word just can’t get out of my throat. To reiterate, the word never even reached my mouth. It was stuck in my throat in an I-swallowed-a-bubblegum-I’m-gonna-die kind of way.

“Anong movie?” the girl finally says and FUCK I CAN’T DO THIS so I look at Lawi and cock my head towards the ticket girl.

He makes a sound that’s one third groan, one third gag and one third laugh, and then says either cinema four or cinema five. I can’t remember because I was too occupied with being ashamed.

We get the tickets and go inside. For a moment everything is Klaroline and nothing hurts but then this guy who’s supposed to collect our ticket looks at me and oh no please don’t.

“Anong movie po?”

I cringe hard, like really really hard. It’s bad enough that I’m actually interested to see this movie given who stars in it, do these freakin cinema people have to make me say it!

I pull Lawi’s arm and drag him in front of the guy like I'm offering him to the temple of Apollo in Delphi or something. Oh, sun-god I beg of you to let me preserve what little dignity I have left. To sate your thirst for humiliation I give you Lawi.

Lawi looks at me in an exasperated kind of way and for a moment I feel sorry for him. Er, actually, no. I love you bro but better you than me.

He takes a deep breath before he turns to the guy.

And then he screeches “TIK-TIK!”


So yesterday was another epic day and last night I was so stoked to make a post about it but I woke up today feeling really lazy and I don’t want to force the post so for the mean time let me just share a bit of what happened when we went out to watch a movie.


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