Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shot through the heart

I am literally smitten to the point of pathetic-ness. I have never pitied myself this much, and that comes from a girl who had to be taken to a psychologist after she lost her first job.

He plays a game in 2008, and instead of being a good BDO employee and practicing my Flamenco for the Christmas party on Friday, I spend the entire day scourging the internet for a TFT 1.21 version patch and 6.43 maps. The latest version patch is 1.26 and the latest map is 6.72f so it's like downgrading from Vista to Windows 98. (At naka 200+ obsolete links din ako ha, kahit dota-utilities at getdota wala na nun.)

All to watch a 20-minute replay of a game so long ago when he roamed Lina + dagger and picked off MYM players one by one like they were petals of a sunflower.

Sigh. Vanya, wherever you are, please play again so I don't have to dig up your old Lina replays.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Say Hello to Benz

So this year I didn't plan to get a Starbucks planner like I usually do because:

1. I haven't really been going out with my Starbucks-loving friends lately so no chance to get stickers.

2. I'm actually more frugal now that I have a job even though my salary is way bigger than what I used to get as an allowance because:
a. I realized that I like having money better than spending it, i.e. I feel happier when I look at my passbook and see growing figures than when I go home from shopping and look at all the things I bought (except shoes).
b. I swore to myself that by my birthday next year (or a bit after that) I'm going to have ZSMJ in my life. Alas my dad says that because I'm working now, I just can't ask him to buy ZSMJ for me, we have to split his cost so I kinda need 400k by August. Clue: ZSMJ is not some cute little Chinese guy who inherited from Kuroky the title of best carry.

3. Lately I choose to spend my weekends curled up at home watching you-know-who than going to posh coffee shops to watch random people pass by.

4. As my psychologist said I am mukhang pera and not mukhang planner..

However it turns out that I'm still getting a planner this year because my Ate Len took it up to herself to collect stickers for me! She told me to consider it as my Christmas gift. I'm not complaining because last year she got me a box of cereals for Christmas. (She did buy me like a dozen clothes and shoes the whole year though.)

My last two planners were named Jake (after Two and a Half Men's Jake Harper) and Little Frankie (after UFC's Frank Edgar). Now say hello to Benz. He's an Oak planner named after ZSMJ's former team mate at  LGD, notorious for his Lina. (I love LGD, even now.) I went for Benz because he's the only other pro player I've ever seen do a solo-lane Lina besides Vigoss who once did a solo-mid Lina vs. Invoker.. Baller!

First entry on Benz? Under December 13, 2011, the note “Payday why you so far away : (”.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crossing the Mexican Borders

Slow down, things have been a little crazy
Right now it’s time to get away
You can find out what it is you’re really after
Time is on our side
Come on we’re leaving everything behind

So today I and my friends from the Kapampangan community went on an epic road trip to Archer’s house. Among the epic things we did are:

1. Crossed numerous Mexican borders, successfully evading the border patrol.

2. Formed a drug/smuggling/kidnapping cartel thanks to two cars pulling over (or not) at random places with Boss transferring from Kuya Rex’s car to Bong’s car for no apparent reason.

3. Got juked by the epic INC sign featuring a 12x2 strip of the colors green, white and red and the chevron sign. We were seriously expecting ‘This way to INC’ or something like that.

4. Encountered a rabid dog (laughing hyena daw) that can shake hands according to Archer.

5. The guys avoided being judged as malakas kumain because when they wanted a plateful more of rice they asked me to get it.

6. Went on an early Marian procession thanks to the truck ng tubo at truck ng kung ano man yon in front of us. We averaged 10km per hour from the second border to SM Pampanga. For realz.

7. Kuya Rex  and I shopped together for the first time and we could’ve been mistaken for a couple designing a nursery or something like that, what with buying colorful floormats.

We’re gonna be so far gone
Some place we have never been before
Find a new favorite song
We’ll end up right where we belong

I also learned many epic things. Among them are:

1. May vlog thingy pala si Mo Twister that seems to suggest that Rhian Ramos did have an abortion.

2. May difference between staff-staffan as opposed sa totoong staff.

3. Ang RORO ay para sa cars at hindi sa mga cargo shipments or tao na gustong mag cartwheel or egg roll pasakay ng barko.

4. Russia is way more successful than Ukraine (may pino-plot langsilang kung ano according to Boss).

5. Balut is an aphrodisiac according to Lawi. (Um I get turned on when I watch Vigoss’ replays does that mean he is an aphrodisiac too?)

Thank you Archer for inviting us to your partay and thank you Kuya Rex, Boss, Bong and Lawers for the epicness. :)

You know that sun is shining, we’ll keep driving
Doesn’t matter where
Cause we got that open highway leading our way
As long as you are there, we can go anywhere

- We Can Go Anywhere, Jesse McCartney

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