Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shot through the heart

I am literally smitten to the point of pathetic-ness. I have never pitied myself this much, and that comes from a girl who had to be taken to a psychologist after she lost her first job.

He plays a game in 2008, and instead of being a good BDO employee and practicing my Flamenco for the Christmas party on Friday, I spend the entire day scourging the internet for a TFT 1.21 version patch and 6.43 maps. The latest version patch is 1.26 and the latest map is 6.72f so it's like downgrading from Vista to Windows 98. (At naka 200+ obsolete links din ako ha, kahit dota-utilities at getdota wala na nun.)

All to watch a 20-minute replay of a game so long ago when he roamed Lina + dagger and picked off MYM players one by one like they were petals of a sunflower.

Sigh. Vanya, wherever you are, please play again so I don't have to dig up your old Lina replays.

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