Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I feel like dancing on top of a pool table or something.

 How I feel right now totally sucks. You know what it's like when you really really really want to do something and technically you can but at the back of your mind you know you should not because you've got waaay more important things to do, like, uh, I don't know, study for your revalida next week so you get to keep your job?

This is what I get from too much Maroon5, Daniel Radcliffe starrers and – gasp! I myself can't believe it either - demented British vampire-werewolf hybrid villains who insist on bringing the coffins of dead family members everywhere. (It's the dimples, really. Or the stubble. Or whatever makes Adam Levine, Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Morgan collectively awesome.)

So yeah, I swear that next week, I will be reviving an old friend who's gonna take on a new identity and tag along a partner from the alcohol bar. She's gonna do all sorts of things that she never tried before, including something that has the numerals 1-15 and the word 'complete', and maybe even something that has an M.

And most importantly, this time she's not going to think about anyone else but herself, so whatever anyone says or does not say will not matter.



So I know I said I'm not gonna be posting DotA stuff for a while, but I just could not contain my happiness over this! (Besides, the match is gonna be DOTA 2 and not DotA so I'm off the hook, hehe!)

I am totally torn about who to cheer for because I like everyone in Na'Vi while I like only vigoss (duh) and PGG (guy's Lina is almost as BALLER as vigoss', I take back what I said in an earlier post about not caring what happens to him) in DTS, but I like vigoss over any other player.

March 18 hurry hurry hurry! :)

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