Sunday, July 15, 2012

If you had to go to Mordor

My father has been doing this his whole life, but this is the first time I’m tagging along for the ride. And I must say, buying a car is draining.

When I didn’t have my money yet, I had a solid idea of what I wanted. But now that I have the go signal to actually buy a car, so many things pop up that I realize also need consideration. Because I’ve just been working for one year I don’t have that much money yet, so like 70% of the funding is from my dad. Knowing that I’m on a loan from him, do I splurge or be practical?

There’s also the issue of opportunity costs. Because I’ve decided to go for pre-owned cars, I can’t really choose the specs that I want - it’s more like I have to find a car that has the specs I want and that I can afford to buy, and it’s a trillion times easier to say than to do! There’s two cars that are really good deals, but I’m hesitating to take them because they’re both silver and let’s put it this way, if I had an Altis or a Civic it wouldn’t be silver. Do I settle for a car which is a great deal but which color I’m not digging, or do I go on with my search and try to find a car that I like 100%?  Because my dad just stared at me like I was crazy when I told him what if I just drop 20K on having the whole thing repainted Taffeta White.

Finally, I keep thinking how would I know which car is ‘the one’ for me, which would be with me through thick and thin much like how Dana has been with my family. I told my friends before that I would know it when I find it because I’m gonna have that slow-mo moment with my heart thumping wildly and that love at first sight look in my eyes like what happened when I met Solis (haha!) but damn I have looked at over 100 cars since January and that has not happened.

Or maybe I’m over thinking all of this like I always do when I’m excited.

Right now the only thing I’m sure about is that even when I get my new ride, I will still love Dana the most. :)


Sherdog thread that made my day today.

“If you had to go to Mordor, who would you take with you?”
“Some have said Drysdale is a good choice. I think he's too big and easy to spot. You'd have to be small and quick. I say Ryan Hall. He could go inverted and hide behind small bushes and rocks. He would also eat a lot less of the Lembes bread. Drysdale would probably hog it all.”
“Fedor... he would armbar the gates after pounding out some trolls. And then Aoki once I'm in there to show Sauron the birdie. Randleman would probably have to suplex the tower to bring it down though.”
“Just Koscheck.  I hate the guy, but he seems to enjoy eye poking. And since Sauron is just an eye...”
“Easily Wanderlei, Mirko CroCop and Aleks Emalianenko.”
“Dude, Aleks works for Sauron, have you even seen that guy? Pure evil.”


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