Saturday, September 15, 2012


So last Wednesday I went to Bulacan for a whole-day client call and as usual my Vice-freakin-President of a boss served as my driver.

I sat in his car and listened to him retell how when he was a fresh grad the first thing he wanted to buy was a house (which told me that my recent decisions may have been wrong, so very wrong). As he lifted a hand to adjust the aircon temperature, my eyes followed his fingers to the dashboard and then suddenly I found myself scrutinizing his dash.

My boss drives a 2011 Montero so things are fairly pretty, but for some reason - and without really thinking - I thought, my dash looks better than this. And if it isn't obvious, I wasn't thinking about Dana when I told myself that.

I haven't really been very kind to ZSMJ since he got here, mostly because of the fact that I would have preferred to get the cheaper, more-classy-than-sporty 2008 Altis that had been one of the choices for my car purchase. I've had so many complaints (can't see the hood, acceleration too fast, side mirrors don't fold, wipers are distracting, don't like the color, etc.) and not enough nice things to say about him.

I wanted a car that was love at first sight, and ZSMJ was like an arranged marriage because one day I got home and my dad was like "Andito na yung car mo!" so I've been feeling kind of stuck with him.

With my recent thoughts, however... maybe I'm finally falling in love.


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