Monday, December 24, 2012

My Awesome Friends

My friends are awesome. Here are some reasons why.

1. This week I texted them that I wanted to try out Starbucks Emerald. They said yes. For some reason though this weekend we ended up:
- watching a movie at Rob (Kuya Rex went to SM, so we made him drive back to Rob)
- having dinner at Bubusuk (where there was no chicharong bulaklak because “Hindi siya umuusok”)
- having coffee at Starbucks Emerald (where we gauged the jeje presence only to come into the conclusion that we are the jejes there)
- and finally almost eating at Lelut Baculud at one freakin thirty in the morning.

I swear I don’t know how things ended up that way.

2. Lawi has a new boy puppy named Jaja. Lawi is apparently such a boy magnet that when he’s near Jaja, the puppy humps his foot. You know, foot is kinda related to shoebox. :))

3. Bong gave me center console lessons because as all my friends know I am such a great driver and I know absolutely everything about my new car. While I was like “Ooooh”, Boss was unimpressed and was like, “Didn’t you read the manual?”

4. We watched The Hobbit and instead of marvelling at all the nice visual effects or appreciating the emotional and philosophical scenes in the movie, we nitpicked at the plot. Indeed, bakit sila binaba nung birds in the middle of nowhere, pano sila nakababa doon at bakit hindi pa sila hinatid straight to Erebor para hindi nalang sila mahirapan di ba.

5. Lawi was so amused with saying “Dildo Baggins belongs to the hole” that he just had to say it over and over and over again the entire night while I rolled my eyes dryly.

6. They never forgave and seemingly will never forget my pagmemelon and RORO and “taga saan ang mga Ukranians?” gaffes. Bakit ko pa kase nasabi-sabi yon.

7. We made plans (again) to fake-go to Isdaan, a fake-restaurant with fake-fish. Someday, Boss. :) Someday.

8. They made fun of me because I dropped beans and tofu when we were eating and nobody wanted to be within a ten foot pole of me when we got our drinks at Starbucks because yeah apparently I am already branded with the “nagtatapon” tag.

9. Did I mention na three times kami lumipat ng upuan sa Starbucks? And the last seat we relocated into was basically Winter Wonderland. I had to hold Lawi’s cup of hot coffee and Boss kept rubbing his hands together while emoting “Bakit tayo lumipat dito?”

10. “Popcorn from my bra.” Kuya Rex didn’t think he’d ever say that sentence, but of course he ended up saying it thanks to me being clumsy with the popcorn at the cinema and Boss being very… er helpful with suggestions. “Lagay mo sa scrapbook mo, popcorn from my bra.”

11. Of course we didn’t just do stupid stuff the whole night; there were intellectual and socially relevant discussions. Intellectual subjects included the RH and sin tax bills. Socially relevant discussions – foine, chismis.

Cue Lawi: So sino?

12. Reminder for me. When you’re the only girl in the group, do not make any upward and downward grasping gestures or gun-cleaning motions with your hand. They just can’t let it pass.

Special acknowledgement to Buddy Feps who was also at Starbucks last night donning a chic ensemble of a white short-sleeved oxford and a gray sweater vest. :)

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