Saturday, March 2, 2013

I am delighted to inform you

that you may now add 'can give the scientific names of all 27 recognized species of cobras' in the list of my special but probably useless abilities. :)

How did I end up memorizing scientific names of cobras?

Well when I saw this girl I thought she was so pretty that I just had to follow a link discussing her. She as well as her picture is owned by Peter Pastor of Slovakia lest I be accused of stealing photos. The link led to a venomous snake forum run by  'herpetoculturists' and academics who refer to cobras with their scientific names so no one gets confused over local/popular names. I spent about a day in that forum and tata!

I also learned that the king cobra is not a real cobra... and that there is a country somewhere called Burkina Faso where there are a lot of cobras. :)

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