Sunday, August 23, 2015

This must be how C9 fans feel, huh?

I'm used to players leaving/getting kicked from teams, but it's a whole other thing to have 4/5 guys go. If zai or Kuro were still on the team it would have been a bit more bearable, but this new Secret roster... oh Lord. Are you testing how much faith I have on Clement Ivanov?

I like the teams I cheer for to be made up of nice, chill and cerebral players. I don't mind them being painfully straightforward like Puppey or being crazy enough to buy a team mate 18 tangos like Dread. But I don't want them to be face-palm inducing flamers, and I especially don't want them to be pricks who slosh Monster Energy on people's heads when they don't like the prank played on them.

I guess I'll have to change my flair to VP or Alliance now. Heck if Limmp can get his Lina mojo back I'll go with NiP. Even the rumored Dendi + 4 new guys iteration of NaVi is more stannable than Secret's current line-up.

RIP 2015 Team Secret, and RIP my Secret reddit flair. I would follow Puppey to the depths of hell (to see Pit Lord and haul him back to earth?) but this current team is just too much to bear.


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