Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ode to Lance

I no longer exactly remember the
circumstances when we first met; must
have been at the restaurant uptown, no? But I
do remember the way you spoke; there was a gentle
warmth in your voice that told me that you were going to
be a good friend. I was not wrong for you were and you remain
to be one to me – but sadly I was not one and don’t think am one to
you right now. We were supposed to have a special bond, one that I
created myself, the one that we called Chinelefers, but I guess I’m
just not good at continuing the things I start. And over the years
the frequent messages dwindled down to often and then
occasional and then rare; yet you never left and were
always there. But anyway this rant is going too
long now and we both can’t afford to lose
more time; Cutting all the crap, I
guess what I’m trying to say is

I’m sorry.

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