Thursday, October 8, 2009

It must be my lucky day. ^_^

I saw Solis today. ^_^

Janine, Xonja and I met up for dinner earlier this evening, and near the end of our meal my friends expressed their craving for carrot walnut cake. I tagged along to Chocokiss, ordered a Dayap Lemon Cake and finished it and was waiting for Xonja to finish her cheesecake when tata! My stalkee of two years entered the restaurant and sat down with a few friends for a meal.

I really didn’t see his face when he came in so how I knew that it was Solis is a mystery, although it’s perfectly fine if I never know the answer. (It must be lukso ng… whatever can lukso, or the result of my two-year-almost-Acey level of stalking.) I just sat there grinning like a damned chesire cat, telling my friends “It’s my lucky day today!”. It took them a few minutes of scouring the whole establishment before they realized what was up and laughed with me.

I never threw another look at him since he sat down the table because if I did, I might now want to leave Chocokiss and just stay there watching him until he left. (Ask Kuya Justin about that night two years ago.) I even told Janine to tell the waiter to bring us our bill already so we could leave. But no, my beloved Orochimaru-sama, it’s not that I don’t adore him anymore. It’s just that seeing him after almost a year is enough for me and I don’t need to ogle like I did when I first met him. Call it growing up. ^_^

But just for the record, I still like Solis. The way Misa likes Light. :))

Lucky, lucky, lucky day. ^_^

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