Monday, February 28, 2011


Give me your heart,
Make it real,
Or else forget about it.

Because I’ve been spending too much time on my SocSci 3 paper, I still have a PolSci 177 (or is it 178? Damn, I don’t even know what my subject’s course title is) paper and a CL 150 report to write, and according to my iTunes, Rob Thomas’ Smooth has been played 103 times this afternoon.

Define ‘sabaw’.

I’ll let you in on two secrets, though. One, I currently have a love affair with tomatoes. The big, red, round ones. I’ve eaten them (usually three to four) in every meal I’ve had at home since last weekend. And two, I believe that Rob Thomas does sing. He just drawls and growls, but for some reason I find it ridiculously hot.

Pop Question One: Is ‘growl’ a word with the same degree of association with sex/banging/love-making/fornicating as, say, moan and mewl? As a writer I won’t deny having dabbled with lemony stuff, (refer to post Bed Time Stories) though my works still tend to be dominantly of the angst genre. So yeah, if I ever write full-fledged erotica (though I have no idea why I would want to do that), would using the word ‘growl’ be appropriate? (Granted that the work does not include felines or ursines as characters)

Pop Question Two: I was chatting with a friend and an orgmate simultaneously last weekend, and as what always happens when I do that, I sent the wrong message to the wrong person. Friend asked what I was doing, but my reply ‘Writing a blog post titled ‘Feeling You. Give me a word that rhymes with tongue’ got sent to Orgmate.

Guess what Orgmate replied. Apparently wala daw word na nag-rarhyme with ‘tongue’. I asked him how he knew, and he said it was a trivia. Pati daw ‘orange’ walang ka-rhyme.

What about ‘dung’ for ‘tongue’ and ‘range’ for ‘orange’?

I wanna cut off my tongue
Cause I licked something that tastes like dung.
I will bring us an orange
Let’s eat it at the archery range.

That sounds rhyming to me.

Pop Question Three: As you may have noticed, my blog now has a new layout! It still needs a little tweaking, but I'll do it when I have more free time. Ugh, HTML is sooo not my stuff.

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