Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Four Things that Drive Me Crazy

At least right now.

1. Ice cream.

I have been afflicted by an insatiable addiction to ice cream! I haven’t stopped swallowing spoonfuls of the yummy stuff since two weeks ago. Thankfully I have a wonderful mummy who takes very well the fact that I need to be given the things I crave for lest I get depressed again. Since I told her that I wanted ice cream, our fridge has not been without at least two tubs of my favourite Arce Dairy flavours. May I suggest you try ube, avocado, buko lychee and almonds n chips. You’re missing half of your life if you haven’t tasted those.

Omnipresent is my all time favourite, cookies and cream. I love it so much that sometimes I squeal for no reason when I eat it. Oh, and I’ve got a new hobby – digging the cookies out of the cream. The best thing about Arce Dairy cookies and cream ice cream is that it literally has whole cookies!

2. The Harry Potter Series

So yeah now I’m starting to read Half Blood Prince out of boredom. I loved the Harry Potter series - it’s great compared to the popular crap now like Twilight - but I stopped reading after the fourth book because I always got spoiled before I could read the new releases and then I couldn’t bring myself to read them anymore because I was so disappointed about what I learned was going to happen. Knowing that Fred is going to die (separating twins has got to be a mortal sin) and Sirius is not going to make a comeback (and seriously what kind of shallow death is that, it’s like he just fell ass-first into a hole or something) just literally broke my heart.

Oh, and my greatest disappointment? Hermione and Ron ending up together! I mean this is just me but best friends ending up together is just so wrong in so many levels. Why couldn’t she have ended up with Viktor Krum or that Cormac guy or… I don’t know, Oliver Wood or Dean Thomas or Neville Longbottom or Draco Malfoy for Christ’s sake. If it had to be a Weasley couldn’t it have been Percy or George?

And again, that’s just me.

3. That guy in the Cotton Tales section.

So every now and then I watch TV, watch DVD’s on 820 and watch DotA replays. This certain replay which has Vigoss, DeMoN and eight other guys I don’t know or care about was just so... gawd, the only two words to describe it are ‘DotA orgasm’. And I say that channelling Rachel Zoe in her full ‘fashion orgasm’ glory.

I usually watch replays at 2x speed but this one I had to watch at 1x and at times even 1/2x speed because Vigoss just went crazy. He’d literally just TP in one second and I don’t even know what happens but the next second he’s got a kill. Guy went baller Lina 25-3 and had like a dozen assists. As always he rolled hard ganker so at that rate he spent half of the game practically handing out kills to their carry. Plus, two of his three deaths could have been avoided if he just went home after surviving team fights, but no, because he’s Vigoss he had to go out there with 90hp and blow his face off.

That’s it, I will have to marry this guy for my own sanity.

4. My Mum and Dad fighting over… Tumblebugs.

So I take a nap around 4pm and I wake up two hours later because from my room I could hear my Mum and Dad arguing in front of a laptop while playing Tumblebugs. It’s a game that’s like a really cute version of Zuma.

Mum says “Ayun oh! Dun! Ang bagal mo kasing mag-click ng mouse!”

And Dad replies “Wag kaming maingay hindi ako makapag-concentrate!”

It’s un-freakin-believable.

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