Sunday, October 2, 2011

Say Hello to 820

This is the newest member of our PC family, 820. He’s an Acer 4750G which my folks got just in time to cheer me up a bit after losing my job. His 14-inch screen is a bit too small for my liking (I told you, I like big things ^_^) and I’m not exactly a big fan of his audio, but when you’re given something for free you just shut it and say thanks.

His full name (and the name which appears in the user account) is actually EH.GIGABYTE.820. I named him after EHOME’s legendary DotA captain who recently retired from playing competitive DotA. You might ask why I didn’t name him Vigoss since I am basically all about that guy, but I promised myself that I will name the first car that I (and not my Dad) will buy Vigoss. I thought about naming him MYM.RaZeR.Maelk after MYM’s team captain but Maelk and MYM in general doesn’t use Lina as much as EHOME so yeah.

Unfortunately because 820 is an Acer, Rafael remains to be the odd-charger-out among the four laptops we have at home, which means that I still don’t have anyone to borrow a spare charger from so if anything happens to Rafael’s charger again, I’ll have to buy another charger. And I’ve bought like four or five chargers since I got Rafael during my first year in college.

So far I like 820 mostly because I can play Purble Place with him. (Rafael doesn’t have Purble Place since I had him downgraded to XP when I got him.) I like Purble Place. If you think it’s a joke, try playing the advance level of Comfy Cakes. It’s driving me nuts.

Still, if you ask me who the best laptop in the world is, my answer would be Rafael. ^_^

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