Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Me pag ayaw ko ang food that I'm supposed to eat: 

I earn my keep and I don't deserve this! (Buys some other food.)

Me pag mahirap sumakay ng bus dahil madaming tao: 

I work my ass off and I don't deserve this. (Brings car to Caloocan.)

Me pag umupo sa mainit na place sa Cafe San Fernando:

I pay my tab and I don't deserve this! (Doesn't get to do anything because - )




Dota GIF of the Week, because I've decided that yeah, I'm going to make one every week.

This is M5 vs aL in The Defense 2, cast my LuminousInverse and LD. Fun game with aL going for Level 1 Rosh, failing, and turning to a 5-man push down Bot; PGG building triple wraith band vanguard Chen; and most importantly for me, Vigoss' SK laning with Silent's Lina. :)

Gahd. I love how Dragon Slave and Sandstorm just melted that Pugna. :)

SK at just a third of health vs almost full health Lone Druid? I can name one person who doesn't care and that person is Vigoss.

1. There is just no other ultimate in Dota more beautiful than Laguna Blade. :)
2. I have never played Invoker before so I really don't know the answer to this question: Is it really hard to hit a sun strike? Because Admir is a great player and his sun strikes missed like 80% of the time in this game.

 At a third of health I love how Vigoss pulls out of the fight and then charges at Snoopy and Godat again when he sees them stunned. Silent missed a handful of LSA's in this game too but he was stunning people when it mattered so it's okay. :)

I-want-you-dead-and-I-don't-care-if-I-or-my-lanemate-dies-trying-to-kill-you. :) FYI, after killing Veno Lina gets to like 90 hp but Vigoss still tries to go for Enigma and Silent supports him to death. Lina dies to the Eidolons and that's the only time Vigoss decides to let it go. 

Too bad Pugna's waiting for him with a Netherstrike so he dies too. :P


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