Friday, April 24, 2009

Ang Alamat Ni Chef Nic

I tried to cook dinner tonight. ^_^

Yes, after spending the whole afternoon watching Jimmy Neutron, I got up and decided that I was going to cook dinner for me and my friends tonight. Now that would sound quite ordinary, except for the fact that you know I can’t cook.

As Pau says, hindi ako mapagpanggap. I know that there are things I’m good at, like being lazy or annoying my sister, but cooking is definitely NOT one of them. The best I’ve ever managed is cup noodles (the one you just add water to) and even then sometimes the noodles end up too soft.

Heck, the last time I tried to just help out cooking, I destroyed the whole meal. Apparently the water wasn’t hot enough when I added the egg to the soup that Joyce was cooking, and tata! Nobody wanted to eat the soup, even me. In fact, it still sits in Janine’s fridge today.

So how did tonight’s cooking go? Simple.

Pau turned on the stove and put oil into the frying pan for me. The oil got really hot and started to make weird sounds, so I retreated to the living room and asked her to put the meat in for me. Awful crackling sounds followed. I got really scared, so I stayed in the living room and watched the news with Janine.

“Lulutuin mo na yung hotdogs?” Pau called out. I listened for more crackling sounds, and when I heard none, I shouted back “Yup yup!”

I went to the kitchen and saw Pau turning the meat over so the other side would cook. Now came the cackling sounds I was listening for, accompanied by hot oil jumping off the frying pan like fireworks on New Year’s Day! I screamed in horror and retreated back to the living room, where I sat down and hugged the big pillow. I heard my friends laugh. Ang bad nila no?

Pau told me she was just going to microwave the hotdogs. Would I like to plug the microwave on? Of course I answered no. Everyone knows I’m scared of plugging electric appliances on. Ayokong makuryente. Si Rafael nga pahirapan i-charge e.

Pau called me and Janine when dinner was done. After ensuring that nothing was cooking anymore, I went to the kitchen and got the food I cooked, which Pau already kindly transferred to the serving plates, and took the food to the dining table. ^_^ Ang galing kong mag-luto, no?

Okay, so maybe I’m just not meant for the kitchen. Or maybe I just haven’t given it enough time and effort. As much as I love eating, I find cooking really arduous. And scary. (Although between Math and cooking, I’ll go for the latter.)

Fittingly, the guy who I said I was going to marry in the Kiss Fuck Marry we Baskals had in our last bonding, said that he knows someday gugustuhin ko ring matutunan magluto so that I could cook for someone. ^_^ After all, the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Now Rex Dizon is a very wise man, and I’ll believe anything he says. ^_^ In that case, I guess I’ll just have to hire a chef.

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