Sunday, July 31, 2011

Really Weird Dream

Last night I had this really weird dream. It was so weird in so many different levels that I felt really foolish after I woke up. Lemme break it down for you.

1. My dream was in French. The whole thing was in motherfucking (...meretabernac?...) French. I spoke French, I thought in French and I understood French perfectly. The thing is, I don't know how to speak French at all. Granted I have a whole playlist of French rap songs thanks to GSP's awesome entrance themes, but I don't understand any of them anyway. I tried to listen to Le Homme de Abbatre again after I woke up, trying to see if I could understand any of the lyrics since I understood Francois flawlessly in my dream, but nope, nothing registered.

2. Speaking of GSP. GSP was in my house. Or at least, a house that I think is mine in my dream. It wasn't the house that I live in now, AKA my parents' house, but I really felt that safe and comfortable feeling that you never get to feel elsewhere except your home. Plus at one part of my dream I cleaned it up, and why would I clean a house up if it wasn't mine? It was a nice house anyway, and the nicest thing about it was that as I said, GSP was in it.

3. The next thing is... er, how do we say this... I was going to have GSP's kid. This was really a WTF thing even in my dream. Some French doctor was in my house and told me (again, in French) that I had a bun in the oven courtesy of GSP. I don't know how he knows that it's GSP's (I mean, my dream didn't show even a slight hint of me banging GSP, though that might be something I'd look forward to dreaming about) but GSP didn't seem to object to anything that Dr. Frenchy said. (In fact he took it all in stride; he was too busy working out) I don't know if I was married to GSP or if I was just a one-night stand gone wrong, but I hope we weren't married. That way I can chase after Dan Hardy. On second thought, even if GSP and I were married, I'd just cheat with Dan. :P

4. I was not happy to be with GSP or have his kid. Now this part really baffles me. How can I not be happy to be with GSP and have his kid (which subsequently means that at one point in time I fucked him)? I can't even count the times I've said that GSP has the most beautiful blue eyes in the world. I can seriously spend the rest of my life just staring at them. Maybe this just demonstrates how much I dislike kids. The fact that I'm its mom and GSP is its dad doesn't even make things any better for me.

5. I don't remember how my dream ended! Seriously. The last thing I remember from my dream is that I laid down on my bed to sleep, and my last thought was that I was not feeling good about being with GSP and having his kid, which as I said baffles me. (In real life If I saw GSP I might kidnap him and keep him in my basement forever XD) I don't know what happened next. What I do remember is waking up feeling like I'm about to freeze to death. I felt so cold that I stood up and turned the aircon off.

Hmmm, I wonder what Imma dream about tonight. ^_^

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