Tuesday, July 28, 2009

mi car was hit by a bus. :(

July 25, 2009. Right after I dropped off the Agu-apps and fetched my sister at Rob.

My car being the smaller vehicle and being less experienced than the bus driver, I thought it was my fault, but my dad and more importantly the police said that it was the bus driver who was at fault. (Whew!) The area after the gas tank got dented because the bus’s right front wheel rammed into it, (sob. :’[ ) but at least no one got hurt.

The bus driver was a kind man who promptly apologized. To my surprise, my dad asked him only one thousand pesos as payment for the damage and even requested the police to let the accident go off record. Bus drivers don’t get paid much and he might even get fired if the management learns that he hit a vehicle, my dad said, and since the driver was nice he didn’t want to hassle the man further.

I informed only close relatives, a few friends in Pampanga and three of my Aguman superiors (The King, The President and The Boss), but so many people still called and sent text messages. Thank you to all the beautiful people who expressed their concern (hugs to my blood relatives and Agufamily), and to everyone who helped out, especially Andy Lao.

Oh, and I can’t not tell you about the wonderful policeman who assisted us. After everything was sorted out, my dad pulled out a bill from his wallet and gave it to the policeman, saying “Kahit pang-meryenda lang” but the policeman just smiled and refused to take it.

Will I ever drive again? Believe it or not, right after the accident, my dad insisted that I drive the car back home. He said the accident was not my fault so I shouldn’t feel like I’m not a capable driver. He even said that it’s time for me to get behind a different wheel – so the next day he let me drive the Civic SIR Ferio.

The Corolla’s gonna be repainted sometime this month, and because I have issues with the Civic’s clutch, acceleration and steering (and trust me, you don’t want to be driving a ride you have issues with), looks like I’m not gonna be behind a wheel for the next couple of weeks. But as Suni Clay put it in my favorite NFS Most Wanted Soundtrack -

"I’ll be here soon, to a hood near you." ^_^

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