Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ode to Bryan

The first time I saw you, you were a member of the Bosconian Team in the Pautakan we held at UA. Back then I was too busy abhorring your cocky schoolmate so I told myself that I would shrug you off as another cocky Bosconian, just like most of the others who came before you.

And I did.

The second time I saw you, you were already trying to be a part of the family I call Aguman. You were with your buddy, my batch mate Trish, who back then had issues with her buddy mem taking in a new buddy app. I took Trish’s side, having issues of my own with my Budd’s new buddy, and told her that because of that I would not be mean to you.

And I was not.

The third time I gave a lot of thought about you, you were a candidate to become the org’s next treasurer, the opponent of one of the men I looked up to the most. I usually go for the ones who have been tested and proven, but you had a light in your eyes that made me want to give you my trust.

And I did.

The fourth time you meant something to me, you were being pronounced the org’s new treasurer. By that time my belief in you wanted to falter because you seemed like you did not really want the responsibility you were given. I looked up at the stars and prayed that I would not have to regret my decision of letting you succeed the noble service of Justin Dungca.

And I have not.

By the time we sat beside each other in that dirty corner at the photocopying center in San Fernando, you meant more than another cocky Bosconian, my batch mate’s buddy app, a candidate for an execoun position and the org treasurer.

You meant the tutor who patiently taught me how to play pusoy.
You meant the boy from Apalit who did door-to-door at various establishments in Angeles and San Fernando for CEER funds.
You meant treasurer who always made sure that he had something to give to every committee that said it needed funds.
You meant the new mem who did things for the org so dedicatedly that one would think you’ve been a part of this family your whole life.
You and your batch meant a standard, almost something to be jealous about because I wish my own batch was like yours – my batch should have been like yours - but it isn’t.
And more importantly, you and your selfless service was an inspiration that urged me to stand up and for the first time really do something for this family.

And I did.

Now, after everything you’ve done for our family, I can earnestly say that you are worthy of earning my respect.

And you have.

“Ate Nic, ang hilig mo sa ode, no?”

“Haha, hindi naman, mejo lang.”

“Bakit yung ode ni Kuya Kevin pabilog? Dahil ba bilugin sya?”

“Haha! Hindi naman bilugin si Kevin e. He’s... beefy.”

“Okay, sabi mo e. Haha!”

“Hayaan mo, next week igagawa kita ng ode.”

“Wag na.”

“Wag na ka jan. Basta igagawa kita ng sarili mong ode. Yung hindi payat.”

And I did. ^_^

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