Monday, July 13, 2009

My Dreams Just Got A Little Weirder

I’ve been having this weird, recurring dream of giving neckties away for some weeks now.

The first one happened over a month ago. I dreamt that I and Justin Dungca were in front of Econ and I told him “Kuya may bibigay ako sayo.”, handing him a diagonally striped blue and dark blue necktie. He took it, and then I woke up.

I shrugged the dream off because I knew that Kuya Justin liked neckties, often telling us that he wants to buy a necktie or will somebody please give him a necktie. I thought that maybe my subconscious just ‘liked’ that trivia and decided to make a dream about it.

Over a week after that, I had exactly the same dream – the setting was also in front of Econ, I also gave a guy a necktie and I also woke up after he took it. Except that now the guy was Rex Dizon.

Does Kuya Rex fervently declare that he likes neckties just like Kuya Justin does? No, he doesn’t. In fact, I don’t think Kuya Rex and I have ever talked about neck ties before.

The third time I had this dream was a handful of days ago. Again, the setting was the same, I said the same “Kuya may bibigay ako sayo” line and I woke up after he took the tie. This time the guy was Kevin Penalba.

Does Kevin like neckties? Not sure. The only time a necktie had been involved in a conversation between he and I was going to Trinoma before the lantern parade last year. I went to 75Mat wearing a gray coat top that he said would look cuter if I wore a tie.

Last night I had that weird dream again. Except that now it’s even weirder.

This time the guy I gave a tie to was Francis Del Valle, a former classmate in a Political Science elective. If I remember right, he’s a sociology major and his ID number starts with 2006 so he must be a year older than I am.

I find it weird that he got my latest necktie because unlike the earlier recipients, who I can at the least call my friends, (more appropriately, my brothers in blood and candlewax as Ate Jean puts it. ^_^) the closest that Francis and I had ever been with each other was that one time we sat beside each other for an hour at Sir Arlegue’s class.

In fact, I don’t even think we’ve spoken a proper sentence directly addressed to each other. See, we usually sit at opposite ends of the room. The only reason why I know his name, course and student number is because he recited often and the attendance sheet had our student numbers and courses in it. That having been said, there is no need to say that I have not the slightest idea what Francis thinks about neckties.

It gets even weirder. For the first time, I did not wake up after Francis took the necktie. Instead he told me that we should drop by 51Mat. (51Mat is my budd Jen’s house. Does anyone in 51Mat know Francis?) So we rode a jeep and halfway to 51Mat I told him that I needed to buy something at Ministop. I bought a box of tissues (although I didn’t know why) and wanted to pay for it with a credit card but the cashier said that something was wrong with my card.

Suddenly Francis was screaming at the cashier like crazy, saying something along the lines of “If she wants it then you should as hell give it to her!”. It shocked me to hear him say that because he doesn’t really look like the type who bitches ears off. I was about to tell him to knock it off when I finally woke up.

I don’t know why I keep on having these weird recurring dreams any more than I know what they mean. (Although my very supportive pusoy tutor Bryan says I might become a necktie salesperson) I searched the net for meanings of dreams about neckties but I couldn’t find an entry about giving away neckties.

I guess the only thing I could do is wait for the next dream, eh? ^_^

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