Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Venting Out.

Poultry Boy,
Let me just remind you, sir, that WE don’t revolve MYSELF around YOU.

Over Sigma AijCij,
If I were you I wouldn’t be assuming and I wouldn’t be FC. I play the affiliation card but by now you should have realized that the truth is we don’t have a personal connection at all.

Stop making me stare at you because Fidel Nemenzo is the only guy I should be staring at during STS. And when you lean back, make sure that I don’t see your nape because it’s
beginning to remind me of my Math 17 prof’s.

Did I tell you that I wanted – still want – to sink my teeth into his nape?

Today’s a mood-roller coaster day. I started out so bibo, felt depressed during lunch time, fell in love early in the afternoon, got pissed off later in the afternoon and finally crashed and burned when I got home.

I don’t know who to blame – myself for being so moody, my coming period for the hormonal imbalance, my Econ 106 for making me stay up all night or the people around me for being themselves.

Looks like I need a lot of food, a long night of sleep and a good episode of Sons of Anarchy.

I hope tomorrow’s better.

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